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Angelica-The Guardian 5" Resin(1995)

1995 Bearstone Collection.
Pre-owned, like new in box (no foam)
Location-Cab 1B

Item No: 2266
Manufacturer: Boyds Collection
Price: $14.99
No. in Stock: 1


Our First Adventure 4-1/2" Pleasantville (2007)

Father and son share their first adventure together in a wooden boat built by Dad. As he pulls his youngster around the neighborhood, it gently reminds us to cherish those Saturday morning adventures every young man looks forward to sharing with Dad. A soft, chipped carved design and air brushed finish make this Pleasantville piece a perfect gift for any father and son. Look for the rising sun hallmark...an authenticity mark for the entire Pleasantville collection. Location - Cab 2B

Item No: 370420
Manufacturer: Boyds Collection
Price: $16.99
No. in Stock: 3


On Top of The World 5" Pleasantville (2007)

Sometimes the top of the world seems out of reach...but when you're young, a boost up on Mom and Dad's shoulders is all it takes. Designed to capture those tender moments between a parent and child, this Pleasantville piece will capture your heart with its unique chip-carved design! Finished with a series of washes, and a final antiquing, you'll find a rising sun hallmark on each and every piece in the collection...a true sign of its authenticity. Location - Cab 2B

Item No: 370422
Manufacturer: Boyds Collection
Price: $10.99
No. in Stock: 2


It's Nuzzle Time 3-3/4" Pleasantville (2007)

A tender moment between parent and child assures us that mom and dad have the ability to lift their little one like no other. This Pleasantville piece a perfect gift for any parent...a gentle reminder of their powerful role their son or daughter's life. A soft, chipped carved design, air brushed finish, and rising sun hallmark are unique features found on each piece in the collection. Location Cab 2B

Item No: 370425
Manufacturer: Boyds Collection
Price: $10.99
No. in Stock: 2


A Mother's Love 6-1/4" Life Times Resin(2007)

" A Mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them." Location - Cab 2C

Item No: 370523
Manufacturer: Boyds Collection
Price: $13.99
No. in Stock: 1


Life's Blessing 5.5" Life Times Resin(2007)

Three Hearts as One...Soon our house will become a home...filled with love and great expectations for what the future may hold. Never could we imagine we could so deeply love someone we've yet met. But yet, my sweet child, this is what the blessing of your impending arrival has done. Please know Mommy & Daddy are anxiously awaiting your arrival and for the day our three hearts become one...filled with love and hope for all time. Location -Cab 2C

Item No: 370529
Manufacturer: Boyds Collection
Price: $17.99
No. in Stock: 2


Candie with Baby Ashton 12" Plush Bear w/Baby (2007)

Makin' it all better with a hug from mom! This golden bear has special stiffeners in her paw pads allowing making it easy to stand on her own. Holding Baby Ashton has never been easier! A great gift for moms everywhere! Location-Cab 2D

Item No: 500061
Manufacturer: Boyds Collection
Price: $18.99
No. in Stock: 1


Teddy Baby Card

Inside: ...On your newest little hug!

Item No: 784005
Manufacturer: Boyds Collection
Price: $1.99
No. in Stock: 32


Lil' Angel Baby Card

Celebrating the most precious gift of all. Congratulations on your newest addition to your family!

Item No: 784006
Manufacturer: Boyds Collection
Price: $1.99
No. in Stock: 33


Tony Stewart 9" Plush(2007)

They're Baby Boyds Racing Family bears for budding race fans! Fun, embroidered bibs feature cartoon car in the official colors of Tony Stewart. Bibs also feature driver's name and authentic car number logo! Bears are soft and cuddly with lots of thick plush fur, and just like all Baby Boyds, they're safe in baby's arms! Location-Cab 2E

Item No: 919444
Manufacturer: Boyds Collection
Price: $1.99
No. in Stock: 1

Items 1 - 10 of 10