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Manufacturer: Boyds Collection
Domestica...Supermom 6.5" Resin Frame(1999)

Note: Faster than a Speeding Toddler! Able to leap Tall Laundry Piles in a single bound! Domestica is the NQGA of those folks known as Super Moms (and there are more of them than you think)...the force behind their amazing ability to Keep Going through the plethora of essential daily tasks that would overwhelm Lesser Mortals. She's the secret weapon to assist with any Household Crisis. With a tool belt full of handy Gadgets from ladles to screwdrivers, she can "multi-task"...and still take incoming calls from kids who need a ride home from Soccer Practice.
Pre-owned, like new in box (no foam)
Location-Cab 2A

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